Explore the desert in Morocco with Marocdesert experience

Travel to the soul of Morocco, the Sahara desert. Our agency Maroc desert experience is specialized in exploring the desert with respect for people, nature and environment. Book your hiking, camel trek or tour here.

Bivouac Desert Camp Laila
One overnight stay at Bivouac Laila
Are you searching for a night in the desert? Stay a night in one of our traditional tents


One overnight stay in Bivouac Chegaga
The perfect desert trip from Mhamid, with lot’s of extra’s included.


Short track in the desert 3 days/2 nights
This short trekking tour fits perfectly in your vacation when you are staying in Mhamid.


A taste of the desert life in 2 days
Living like a Nomad during this 2 day track
in the Sahara desert


Back to basic, back to the Sahara
4 day stay with 
camel track and
overnight in the desert.


Explore the Sahara desert in 5 days
Special 5 day track starting in Marakkech.
Expercience the Sahara in a unique way!


The Sahara in Morocco: sand dunes, oases and camels are a joy to the eye. Anyone who has ever been here will never forget it. Ideal for excursions from Marakkech, but the fascinating desert landscape is also ideal for multi-day desert treks. Stay overnight in a tented camp in the desert, enjoy a beautiful sunrise and surrender yourself to the most beautiful sand dunes in Morocco! Our travel agency Maroc desert experience will be glad to be of your service.

Check out more video’s and photo’s from Maroc desert experience available:

Bivouac Laila, click here.

Bivouac Chegaga, click here.

Explore the Sahara in Morocco in 5 Days

Explore the Sahara desert in the south of Morocco in 5 days and 4 nights with Maroc desert experience.

Our guides take your to the heart of the Moroccan desert. Each of them natives from the desert. You meet authentic Nomad families and enjoy the wide landscapes and the silence of the desert.

Explore this 5 day Nomad tour

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More about Maroc désert expérience

Morocco, Travel Agency in M’hamid Zagora, Ouarzazate, camel trek, tours and hiking with respect for the environment. Visit the sand dunes in m’hamid el ghizlane, désert ouarzazate, vallée des roses, excursions desert maroc, desert zagora. We provide your short or long vacation stay in the sahara desert in Morocco, with a wide variety of tours, hiking and treks. Our tent camps are fit for all your luxury tourism wishes. Experience the nomad lifestyle in one of our desert camps near the sand dunes of Mhamid.

We offer a great variety of tours like:  

  • One overnight stay in Bivouac Laila in the south of Morocco. 
  • One overnight stay in Bivouac Chegaga
  • Short trek, a shorttrekking of 3 days and 2 nights that fits perfectly in your vacation in Mhamid or Ouarzazate.
  • A taste of desert life in 2 days, experience the nomad lifestyle in the Sahara.

Maroc Desert Experience

Ismail is the son of a caravan leader and grew up in M’hamid El Ghizlane. Together with Laila they have two luxury desert tent camps near M’hamid which provide all your needs. You can visit them for a one night stay or for trekkings up to six days. Ismail speaks Arabe, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Laila can be contacted in text, e-mail, Whatsapp or phone…English, French or Dutch

Sahara hiking and desert camel ride and camel tours in the south of Morocco. 


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Do you have special travel requests or remarks? Please feel free to contact us. Our local team in M’hamid is very experienced and will answer them. We aslo provide tailormade travelsolutions in the South of Morocco.

Travel alone together with Marocdesert-experience!

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